Thursday, October 22, 2009

More New Stuff!


Well, yes, I did it again, there's more gowns out gracing the vendors. One new gown is based on a real world 1907 gown, that's 'Moon Shadow'. It's really a gorgeous ensemble! I love the lace and the hints of Art Deco design with the black velvet strips. It was difficult to do, I have to tell you. However, it was well worth the time and effort involved.

The next gown out is what I considered a created gown. That is some bits of it are taken from the real world, like the bodice, shirt, and undergarments. However the skirt and other textures are created. Black Roses is a mourning gown from the Victorian period and I have to say, I really love the textures! I also admit to adoring the stand up collar on this one. It's very lacy and pretty.

So those two gowns were made to go with the October theme. However, I was on a roll and cleaning out folders! After completing those two gowns, we have *FIVE* costume gowns! Yes, I know, you're totally blown away right? Right?! Ok, maybe not, but they're fun and inexpensive!

I started making the Bonbon Rococo gowns in June of 2008, did a slew, then tucked them away. I loved them but wasn't really looking to break into the 18th century market. Now the thing about most designers is we have idea gowns we've made and then put away as perhaps not quite up to our standards. I can also tell you that any designer who's been around for a while usually has insanely high standards. My sister, Ghilayne, has smacked me upside the head more than once, telling me to stop being so fussy about gowns and release a few more! This time I actually listened to her and released the five Bonbons and will have a sixth out shortly. Eventually I'll add a few more as well. These gowns are really for masked balls, Carnival, Mardi Gras, that kind of thing. I enjoy making them as they're kind of fast and fun to do. Kind of! They do not have undergarments, they do not have extensively detailed bodices and such, but they are great fun to wear. They are just bits of fluffy fun!
Here are the five current Bonbons.

A steampunky version of a gown! The lace is actually a rusty grating texture, among other things. My sister, Ghilayne Andrew, made the mask that is with this gown! She actually had it out for Steam:The Hunt. But it went so well with this outfit that it's part of the package now. If I can talk her into it, she'll make more masks in the future!

Sweet Cherry... lots of pink and fuscia and girly fun!

Lemon Drop candies have been some of my very favorite since I was a kid. This gown is based on those, yellow on the outside, white and sweet on the inside!

Another little trip down memory lane for candy, my grandmother used to make a candy called divinity every Christmas and send us a batch of it. It was always a sweet treat, and so is this fluffy, lacy gown.

Last is Black Licorice. Yes, another favorite candy of mine! There are no safe black jelly beans in my house around Easter! This gown is a sinful little treat of sexy black lace, sequins, and satin, with a red satin underskirt. I'm sure you'll enjoy this one as well!

Now, each Bonbon has a card in it listing where the mask, hair ornament, and hair came from. Be sure to read the cards!

I do have other things coming out shortly, among them, some silks that have been hiding in folders for well over a year. I do want to make a disclaimer here, I do not focus solely on making silks as some designers do. I just wanted some dancing silks that were actually good for dancing and not just tiny strips of fabric stuck in impossible places! :) There are other gowns planned as well. It will be a very busy fall and holiday season!

I hope you have a Happy Halloween! Oh, and one of my favorite songs, one I listened to while creating "Moon Shadow". Enjoy!

Cordially yours,