Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Curious Cobbler presents . . . shoes, glorious 1920s shoes!


Today Curious Seamstress will be releasing 18 pairs of shoes from the 1920s!  I promised a while back that eventually I would do that.  I finally made a shoe that satisfies my persnickety side!  I did a lot of research into the various styles of that decade for shoes.  I was sometimes surprised by the amount of color and styles.  From our end of history nearly a hundred years later, we most often tend to view that time period in black and white when nothing could be further from the truth.  I found a few colored ads for shoes and what revelations those were!  I started with the most common form of shoe, the ankle strap heel.  It comes in 18 colors with various textures.  Some are original and match dresses I've done recently, most are textures I've had in my files for a long while.  Here are half of what will be available today.

For today, the shoes will be released late in the morning in a vendor at the main store of Rosewood.  Over the week, they will appear in other stores like the Carrington at Seraph City and Curious Seamstress at New Toulouse.  They are $150 lindens a pair. 

I hope you enjoy these sweet treats!

cordially yours,
The Curious . . . Cobbler!