Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Accessories and such


I've been slow to post the newest items out, mostly because it's spring and I keep going outside to play in the garden!  However, it's time to share some of the newest items!

I've started doing some newer mesh shoes, a few mesh bathrobes, and some other items.  So let's get started!

Aqua Princess

Stormy Weather

An 1870s Day dress - Gladys

1920s Boudoir Robes

Mesh Shoes of Various Eras

Mules were used for both evenings out and the boudoir.  

Gorgeous Victorian boots that I personally love!

1920s Shoes

Victorian heels

And finally, hair!

There are ten hair colors, one plush pack of all ten is available as well as a demo.  
Check the main store for more information

And I think that catches us up for now!  All items can be found in the main store, and most are also up on Marketplace.

Cordially yours,