Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Four Recent Releases . . .


Yes, I've been busier than I can believe lately, and totally spaced blogging about the newer releases. So I'll slap those dears up right now. Please forgive any fuzziness in the pictures. I'm having to stretch them to odd shapes because the blog is giving me tiny little fits and I'm too tired to play with it more tonight! Now, without further caveats or whimpers, here are the four newest offerings from The Curious Seamstress!

First is this gorgeous gown by John Redfern's Maison Redfern. This black wool gown, named "Redfern in Black Wool", is Edwardian and dates from about 1907. I believe it is now in a private collection, but I wish it was one I had in my real closet! This is a sleekly tailored, elegant day suit and I personally enjoy wearing it quite often in Second Life. It comes with period undergarments as always, and the hat pictured. However, this outfit could go with just about any hat you chose to use.

Next up we have a gown made for those of a nautical mind, "Deep Sea Blues". This blue wool gown and its jaunty, natural straw boater is perfect for a fall or winter visit to the shore. It was made for New Bababage's Fleet Week and is based on an 1890 era woolen gown. It really is quite a lovely gown.

After that, and continuing in the theme of blue here, I have an earlier Victorian period gown named "Blue Belle". Based in the Romantic Victorian Period of about 1856, this crinoline ballgown is perfect for any upcoming winter party. There is a long sleeved modesty blouse for anyone so inclined to wear one, though it is not part of the original gown. Undergarments include a period corset and pantaloons. However, you may wish to take the corset off as the lace peeks over the edge of the bodice. If that doesn't bother you, then enjoy! There are also two head pieces, both with resizing scripts. One is blue daylilies and ribbons, the other is white roses and blue ribbons. Black lace work edges the gown, and a black lace overskirt is also part of the ensemble. Period length white silk gloves complete the outfit.

A word about the Romantic Period, there are actually three periods in the long Victorian Era. The earliest with its crinolines is usually refered to as the Romantic period. The middle period, after the crinoline collapsed, is usually dubbed High Victorian, and the last couple of decades as Late Victorian. Who knew? I learn something new every day and that's almost always great fun! Onwards!

Last we have a boudoir robe, "Night Fires". This special gown is the first one I've put out in about a year. There is a rhinstone studded panties and top, as well as a prim top. It has specially written scripted messaging for all the prims except the sexy little hip scarves. Since that silken rope needs to fit any pair of lovely hips, it has a resizing script in it instead of a messaging script. You'll just have to wing it on your own! I think by the time you and your significant other get to that point, you'll be fine!

This is also an awesome outfit to dance in for your lover. I would recommend Animazoo bellydances for some really smokin' hot moves that can set a heart afire. This outfit is a treat when you're whirling and dancing in it with those seductive moves.

That's the four offerings that came out over the weekend before Thanksgiving. I have a few amazing winter garments coming out shortly. One is for the men, and the other two are for the ladies. But I've a few extras that I'm working on as well. I've also got another two Bonbon Rococo gowns in the wings. One is called 'Kindness' and is part of the 7 Virtue's set, and the other is called 'Grace'. Those will be out in another week or so. Then, I have one more very special treat. It's a gown that I never thought would be released to the public, but I have been given permission to so do. That gown will be out next weekend.

Until then, take care!

Cordially yours,