Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Callot Soeurs - Two New Gowns with classical elegance

Greetings again!

This week I've got two new Callot Soeur inspired gowns from the 1920's. One is Evening Primrose, a gorgeous pink satin ensemble. The other is Peonies, a lush green velvet dress that is a wonderful example of Orientalism at its finest. Both gowns come with lingerie and hair pieces. I hope you will enjoy them!

This will be a short entry because this week is 'computer issue' week for me! Take care, and I hope you can visit Blisswood very soon. Once I'm back in SL, I've two new swimsuits to add to the list as well!

Cordially yours,

A lovely Valentine's day offering, and it's up on SLex!

I do adore the color on this gown!