Monday, May 10, 2010

3 New releases and Greetings from Texas!

Greetings my friends!

This last week I traveled down to Texas to celebrate a life milestone for someone dear to me. They graduated college! I have enjoyed my travels and will return to the cooler nothern climes later this week. However, whilst I was down here, I did not forget Curious Seamstress and in fact released three new items on Friday. I hope you enjoy them! Take care and may the special milestones in YOUR life be joyful ones!

Cordially yours,

First up is a slinky, sexy bias cut soft gold gown. It's got a draped neckline and is amazing for dancing or singing those hot blues up on stage. May I present, "Baby"!

Undergarments do come with the gown.

Next up is a casual day dress, spiffy and neat, "Lulu" is a wonderful dress for day wear in late 1920s or early 1930s RP sims. It does come with a mod hat as well as gloves and undergarments.

Last is a smoking hot number for the 1950s Glamwear line, Miz Gabi.

This gown is one of those ones that make men stop and stare in real life, and I'm pretty sure it'll have the same effect in Second Life! It comes with undergarments, and is amazingly hot!

All of these are up on Xstreet as well as in the new releases vendors of most stores.

Again, I wish you well. Take care!