Sunday, February 28, 2010

Victorian through the 1920's - A little something for everyone!

Greetings my friends!

It has been a very busy time around here as we gear up for March's RFL madness. But before we dive into the Clothing Fair on the 13th of March, I have been trying to complete a variety of garments and periods. So let's get right to our latest half a dozen offerings!

First one up, a favorite for me, Harmonia. This is a gown inspired by a really fantastic golden satin gown from about 1910 and Liberty of London. Liberty of London wasn't so much one desiger as it was a style of clothing. Elegant, not overly eleborate, but done in excellent materials, Liberty of London gowns are really lovely. Some are even outstanding, as with Harmonia. The gown, by the way, is named after the Goddess Harmonia. The neckline on this gown is awesome for framing that perfect necklace!

Continuing in our Goddess theme, we have Aphrodite Risen, a Fortuny inspired gown. Now I do go on about Mariano Fortuny in the card that comes with the gown. His gowns were less 'fashion' and more works of art. He made these gowns over a time span of some 40 years, and unless you have provenance, it's hard to tell when each gown was made. These gowns, if you can find one at auction, tend to go for the thousands of dollars, depending on condition. Now, a word here. There is NO prim skirt with this gown. It was never meant to have one. For examples please go to my Xstreet page for this gown and look at the additional images. I will be doing more Fortuny inspired gowns in the future, they're just that gorgeous. I hope you'll enjoy them if you should purchase one! The back drape is a flexi and based on Indian sari material. The headpiece that comes with this gown moves as if it were really dozens of beads hanging about your hair and face.

Next is a costume offering. This pretty little costume was done for an avatar sized music box done by Miss Canolli Capalini of Capalini Fine Furnishings. The music box came out a year ago, and I just recently decided to start releasing costumes I've done in the past. There is also a plate tutu for this gown. It can be worn either as a regular costume or as a ballet costume, and it is in Mardi Gras colors! So it covers a LOT of ground here! I love outfits like that! Eventually I have other ballet costumes in the wings that I will also release. Until then, I offer you, Harlequin.

Next we have a really unusual Victorian reception gown. Now as far as I know, this gown was not made by any well known designer. But the really brilliant use of gray satin and black velvet along with white embroidery just make this a very unique and unusual gown. I made it for my cousin Olli for Breezy Carver's Black and White ball. Now I offer it to you for your next regal affair! The name Lucrezia comes from the gown's current home, which is in a private European collection. That and can't you just see a Borgia woman wearing something this elegant and dramatic?

Next up are my two 1920's beauties. First is Roxie. A sassy, sexy little gown with hip swags that bring peoples eyes to your hips when you move. This gown, when worn with gloves and the right shoes, is really a show stopper in any era. I have to say, the velvet looks petable! There is a set of undergarments with this gown and two head pieces. The head pieces have a resizing script in them, and the script is deletable.

Now for the newest and last offering. When doing the 1920's line the one thing I find really difficult is finding good day dresses. There are literally thousands of 1920's evening gowns available for sale around the world, but there's darn few regular day to day dresses around. This gown is one I would date towards the end of the 1920's because the look is a little longer, a little softer, and the original gown was more figure hugging than many early 20's gowns. It was such a fun, cheerful dress that I had to make it! I really hope if you have any kind of 1920's yearnings that you'll eventually pick up this dress. It's very feminine and I had great fun wearing it out on a Sunday afternoon!

Now a few other words. First please do remember that about 99% of my gowns are based on real gowns and sometimes there can be color variatons within the gown itself. I do add my own touches, like trying to make sure the color is even and seams match. But occasionally, as with the Betty dress, there's just a shade more color in one part that I cannot change without totally changing the dress. You all know how I feel about that! I do not retouch the photos in my ads either, as I wish you to have a very good idea of what you're purchasing.

Next Item. If you have ever bought a gown from me on Xstreet, I would ask that you go back and review or rate it or both. Good or bad, some folks do pay attention to such ratings. So if you are in a position to comment, please do!

That's all for this post. I've picked half a dozen Worth or House of Worth gowns for the next few releases. Most of the gowns are rather involved and so there shouldn't be a huge flood of releases, but one never knows! I wish you a wonderful beginning to your March!

Take care!

Cordially yours,

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Callot Soeurs - Two New Gowns with classical elegance

Greetings again!

This week I've got two new Callot Soeur inspired gowns from the 1920's. One is Evening Primrose, a gorgeous pink satin ensemble. The other is Peonies, a lush green velvet dress that is a wonderful example of Orientalism at its finest. Both gowns come with lingerie and hair pieces. I hope you will enjoy them!

This will be a short entry because this week is 'computer issue' week for me! Take care, and I hope you can visit Blisswood very soon. Once I'm back in SL, I've two new swimsuits to add to the list as well!

Cordially yours,

A lovely Valentine's day offering, and it's up on SLex!

I do adore the color on this gown!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Murder, Mayhem, & Miss Otis Regrets in New Toulouse


This gown is out as a prize in the New Toulouse Murder Mystery Hunt. No, you won't find the gown in my shop. You will find it at the prize center, and to get there, you'll have to follow the clues! If you go to the Curious Seamstress in New Toulouse, you will find a poster for the hunt.

Now, there is a hud that goes with this hunt. It's not your typical 'find the prize, snatch and run', kind of hunt. You'll be looking for clues to solve a mystery! The hud records the clues, and I believe you have to collect them all to get to the prize center.

The poster at my shop has a notecard that tells you were to start. It involves a walking tour over two sims, and you'll get to have some fun, learn about a new area if you've never been, and in the end collect some fabulous prizes! You get to choose by the way, as they're on shelves in the prize center where the hunt ends. I did not create this hunt, but volunteered as soon as I saw it pop up!

The gown, Miss Otis Regrets, is a brown velvet 1920's Flapper evening gown. It comes complete with everything but shoes and jewelry. The gloves are by my most talented sister and partner, Mrs. Ghilayne Andrew. This has all the quality of any gown I sell, including some new undergarments. Yes ladies, this is YOUR chance to get a brand spanking new free gown from me! I will also be putting out a 1920's man's suit to pair with this dress.

Other New Toulouse shopowners have also contributed prizes and there's some nifty things in the prize center.

The hunt runs through February 28th.

To find New Toulouse, either look it up in Search, or check my picks in SL!

I hope you'll come join us in New Toulouse for some fun, murder and mayhem!

Cordially yours,