Virtual worlds - There is more than one!


over the years I've developed my brand exclusively in Second Life.  It is what I would call the flagship virtual world.  It's been around for a long time and has had millions of objects created to populate it.  However, it isn't the only virtual world on the grid!  Sometimes, a girl likes to explore new things.

If you look elsewhere on the blog, you'll find links to different virtual worlds.

I've looked at other worlds, and have decided that I am bringing Curious Seamstress to InWorldz and Avination as a result.  That doesn't mean I'm abandoning Second Life.  What that means is I'm expanding my brand.  I look at it as if I were a brick and mortar business expanding from America to Europe!  Same planet, different continent!

The thing I've found about starting in a new world is of course having the materials to do so.  It's a matter of working up an inventory again to offer for sale.  Now, while I have all the textures I've ever made and used in SL, I don't own the sculpts or have access to the six years worth of prim work that's in my inventory.  Some of the sculpt makers have moved to InWorldz as well, so I am looking for some of the products I've used in the past.  Some allow their work to be used in other worlds, some do not, and some have gone to those other grids and sell there as well.  The skirts and hats and such all have to be fabricated in any new world and take time.

It's a process, rather like being a pioneer.  I'm working on getting this new store up and running.  The logo I'll be using for InWorldz is one I started with and love for the Victorian items.

I'm listed as Kembri Tomsen, and as in SL, you can check my profile for picks and LMs.  The Victoriana sims are strictly Victorian in flavor, though all are welcome to come and explore and even settle there.  It takes longer to replicate the Victorian outfits, though I look to having the shop host a few items by the end of December of 2013.  You'll also see my other logo with the feather there.

My shop at InWorldz is under construction and located in the Victoriana sims, run by Mayor LittleBlackDuck Lindsay.  It's a lovely place that's been growing more and more beautiful for the last three years.  If you want a different Victorian world to explore, I would suggest that.  It is NOT Second Life.  You will be starting from scratch.  But there are a lot of creators there that also roam the SL grid, so you should quickly be able to find what you want.

I've also recently started up in Avination.  The Curious Seamstress brand will be bringing in 1920s styles to 1920s Chicago in Avination.  That Kembri avatar is Kembri Magic, and will have a lovely department store opening sometime during March of 2014.  I'll be using my regular logo in Avination.

Why start over in a new world?  Why not?  It is less crowded, less lagged, and more open.  If you want a sim to own, these other worlds offer sims at much lower prices and often without setup fees.  This doesn't mean abandon Second Life, but it does mean that you'll likely have less crashing, less lag, and some of the fun you had when you first started exploring Second Life.

Bring a friend and explore, laugh and enjoy.  Perhaps I shall see you there!

Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress

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