Monday, February 28, 2011

Josephine Baker and a Fabulous Freebie!

This week it is my very great pleasure to introduce a gown inspired by Josephine Baker.  This incredible woman was far ahead of her time, and is a joy to hear and watch on Youtube now.  Her career started in Paris in the 1920s and spanned five decades.  She is so joyfully, beautifully alive, that one cannot help but smile and admire her.  This gown is named for her, 'Creole Goddess', which is one of the names she was affectionately called. 

The real dress is in a museum collection.  I hope that you'll savor the music and learn about, then remember, this very remarkable woman.

Finally, Seamstress is currently part of two Mardi Gras hunts.  Look for these prizes at the New Toulouse store.  Both are in a single hunt prim.

Yes, these are free for the duration of the hunt!

Next, Steam: The Hunt will be starting tomorrow and two of the Seamstress stores, Seraph City and New Babbage, are involved.  Please stay tuned for details!

I wish you a wonderful Monday, and hope to see you soon!

Cordially yours,

Thursday, February 24, 2011

A spring time Waltz with Rosetta and Coraline

Spring is near, we all yearn for it I think.  This week I have two new gowns out, one Victorian and one Edwardian, both perfect for waltzing.  The musical choice, Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker: Waltz of the Flowers.  This is such a quintessential piece of Victorian music.  As a waltz it is a lushly uplifting piece of music, and it is often lost in the winter I think, since most folks think of Christmas with the Nutcracker ballet.  So imagine if you will, waltzing on the Landing, spring flowers all around, and the face of a handsome partner smiling down at you as you glide in his arms.  Of course there is nothing more beautiful than a flowing gown that compliments the wearer!  To that end, may I introduce Rosetta, an 1898 House of Worth gown.

Made of printed silk, lace shoulder puffs, and a bell shaped skirt, this gown is a glorious ode to spring time.  Period undergarments are included.

Next, for a woman who enjoys being the very center of attention, I present you Coraline, a 1905 Doucet ballgown.

Coraline is not for the faint of heart.  This is a gown that is bright of color and striking in person.  I have chosen to wear it with black accessories, but you could also use white. 

Both gowns are made for evening entertainments, and both gowns come with undergarments.

I hope you'll stop by soon, or look for the gowns on Marketplace.  They are lovely additions to any woman's spring wardrobe.

Cordially yours,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweetness of the heart


Valentine's day is here!  Today I offer you 'Sweetness', a wonderful pink and silver candy of a 1920s gown.  I found the gown a few months ago and dearly loved the soft pink color of it. 

The headpiece and shoes come with the dress, as do some pretty undergarments.  There are two pairs of stockings, but those aren't shown in the ad.  In all this is one of those sweet outfits that can be sexy at the same time.  I hope you'll enjoy some 'Sweetness' in your wardrobe today!

The song is one I heard recently, and I had it on repeat as I worked on Valentine's outfits.  This song is so romantic, so softly beautiful, and so very expressive of what a relationship should be, that I thought I'd share.  I wish you a wonderful Valentine's day.

Cordially yours,

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Georgia on my mind

Georgia is a beautiful peach velvet Doucet ball gown.  It's one of those gowns that is spectacularly feminine in its presentation and feel.  Spring like and perfect for your next romantic dance, it reminded me of soft evenings and dreamy encounters with one that we desire.  While I cannot promise such things to you, I can promise you'll look like the perfect Georgia peach in this yummy gown.

The undergarments are included, and I hope you enjoy this outfit.

More to come in the next day or so!  Until then, I wish you well!

Cordially yours,