Thursday, September 2, 2010

Steam: The Hunt . . . is on!

Greetings! This blog is about both about the recently begun Steam hunt and last week's releases.

Curious Seamstress has two prizes out for the hunt this year. One at the Carrington Seraph store and one at New Babbage. They are . . . so far . . .

For the Seraph City Seamstress a 1940s women's suit, Polly Primly

And for New Babbage Seamstress a lovely day dress, Rebecca

Those are my current Steam hunt offerings. The hunt lasts for the month of September, and I reserve the right to put out more fun things sometime during the month. This is the only hunt that Seamtress is involved with all year, so now's the time to get some amazing free outfits! I will state here publicly that the only way to get these outfits after the hunt is over will be at full price in my store vendors.

Now for last week's releases!

First up are the Lady line of gowns. These are gowns picked with certain customers in mind. They are customers who have bought many of Curious Seamstress's gowns. Usually in one genre as they have preferences, don't we all! I was trying to think of a special way to thank such wonderful ladies earleir this year, and came up with the gift of a gown. Not just any gown mind you, but one picked out with them in mind. So I have two new Lady gowns, the first is Lady Gynandra, a long time fan and supporter. It pleases me greatly to offer the gorgeous blue wool day gown, Lady Gynandra.

This gown is more stunning in person. It's petable!

Next up is the Lady Savannah gown. Lady Savannah is fairly new to the Seamstress fold, but oh my gosh, she is an avid supporter and someone I have enjoyed chatting with. The gown is handpainted silk with lots of lace and moire rust ribbon. I do love the colors of it!

The last offering for the week caught my eye with its vibrant color, then caught my heart with its awesome fabric, which is a brocaded silk. The pattern on it is that of fall leaves, and in all it's just a breathtaking gown for those fall dinners or dances. May I present, Bella mia

That's it for the moment. I do hope if you have time you'll swing by and pick up the hunt offerings. The Victorian gown has undergarments and comes with hat and gloves. No stinting on my hunt items! The 1940s suit comes with the hat, and is a designer suit of that period. Now, I'm off to finish this week's releases!

I wish you the joy of the hunt, and a wonderful day!

Cordially yours,