Curious Seamstress History

The avatar Kembri Tomsen was created in Second Life late in July of 2007. The first thing that I did was shop, for nearly a month I shopped freebies and then started buying stuff, mostly clothing. Then started taking building classes. My first falling in love moment in Second Life came the day I made and changed my first prim object. I had created ... something, and it was good! I was hooked.

I have taken classes in GIMP so that I could learn texture creation, and have also taken many, many building classes on everything from speedboats and houses to shoes and flying brooms. The point is if you wish to make beautiful things in the virtual world of Second Life, you have to find someone to teach you how to build. That's where classes come in handy!

I created my first original gown in October of 2007. I sold my first gown not long after, but wasn't happy with the looks over all. I knew I'd have to learn to make the textures from scratch before my gowns could reach another level.

In August of 2008 I started classes to learn how to use GIMP. In November I created my first gown textures, and it was awesome. Not long after I found my mission in Second Life, accurately recreate historically based gowns. It became my driving passion, and what I ultimately built the Curious Seamstress business on.

It can be aggravating to do sometimes, as when a prim won't or can't do what the original cloth could do, but on the whole it is an amazingly fun and endlessly fascinating occupation for me.  I've learned new things, like mesh, which keeps me on my toes.

I dream of dresses and gowns and how to make them. I spend hours gathering ideas and planning and doing projects.

I love what I do, and I'm thrilled to bits when I find out that someone else is thrilled and happy with their new outfit too.

In October of 2009 I opened Blisswood. It was a happy place and my first main store. It was odd looking at points, had whimsy all over, and was me to the core. In early Septemper of 2010 my landlord told me he would be letting his sim of five years go. The changes in LL just made it undesirable to keep it any longer. It was with great sadness that I closed down Blisswood on September 25th, 2010.

From there Rosewood was opened within a few days. That was the main store for Curious Seamstress and had all the lines for over four years.  But that too closed down and I've moved on.
Seamstress now has about half a dozen smaller locations, with one main location in Mieville.  Times and people change, and the virtual world is no exception.  I was on hiatus for two years as real life health and life issues took over.  But I've picked the reins up again in late 2015 and am once more active in creating items.  My goal this summer is to learn more about mesh creation.  I want to create my own canvases for my garments.

I've continued to learn and to expand the different fashion lines of Curious Seamstress.  I often add to my base lines, the Victorian and 1920s lines, then wander off in other directions.  Checking back to this blog will usually keep you apprised of what's happening.

Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress