Thursday, February 4, 2010

Murder, Mayhem, & Miss Otis Regrets in New Toulouse


This gown is out as a prize in the New Toulouse Murder Mystery Hunt. No, you won't find the gown in my shop. You will find it at the prize center, and to get there, you'll have to follow the clues! If you go to the Curious Seamstress in New Toulouse, you will find a poster for the hunt.

Now, there is a hud that goes with this hunt. It's not your typical 'find the prize, snatch and run', kind of hunt. You'll be looking for clues to solve a mystery! The hud records the clues, and I believe you have to collect them all to get to the prize center.

The poster at my shop has a notecard that tells you were to start. It involves a walking tour over two sims, and you'll get to have some fun, learn about a new area if you've never been, and in the end collect some fabulous prizes! You get to choose by the way, as they're on shelves in the prize center where the hunt ends. I did not create this hunt, but volunteered as soon as I saw it pop up!

The gown, Miss Otis Regrets, is a brown velvet 1920's Flapper evening gown. It comes complete with everything but shoes and jewelry. The gloves are by my most talented sister and partner, Mrs. Ghilayne Andrew. This has all the quality of any gown I sell, including some new undergarments. Yes ladies, this is YOUR chance to get a brand spanking new free gown from me! I will also be putting out a 1920's man's suit to pair with this dress.

Other New Toulouse shopowners have also contributed prizes and there's some nifty things in the prize center.

The hunt runs through February 28th.

To find New Toulouse, either look it up in Search, or check my picks in SL!

I hope you'll come join us in New Toulouse for some fun, murder and mayhem!

Cordially yours,