Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Lady Sapphire and a bit of idle conversation


I've a lovely offering this week, Lady Sapphire. The gown is attributed to Charles Worth, but there is no proof it was done by his House. However, the gorgeous fabric, intricate details, and stunning overall look of the gown certainly make it a good possibility.

The original gown was auctioned off in 2004. I have no idea where it is now, but it is a favorite color of mine! What's not to love about a deep cobalt blue?

So what is attribute when we're speaking of clothing? Well often in the fashion world of antique clothing, there is no single identifying label on a piece of clothing. Worth was the first to label his clothing, and it eventually caught on with other couture houses. Even then, there are garments that come down to us in which the only way we can tell is to look at the way it is made. The type of material, color, trim, and the design elements, these can all point us at a certain time and in some cases, a designer. It's like identifying a type of car by the body shape! By the way, pirating of clothing isn't any thing new. The major couture houses of the late 1800's went to great lengths to prevent people from seeing designs and stealing the idea before the start of a season. Many of them who had fashion showings made the clients sign contracts promising to buy at least one gown! It was big business as it still is, and theft was rampant. This was before one could claim Intellectual Property rights.

This week at my main store of Blisswood I've been redecorating. Not changing the layout mind you, just refreshing the store's look and adding a few fun things. I've a section of pictures that are period and hanging upstairs for sale. They're not master pieces, but they are bright bits of fun for your home if you should wish it. I've also found some fun stuff at the Home Expo show that's currently happening. Take a close look at the trees at Blisswood the next time you visit! And I do hope you'll visit. I've set out a newer free gown, as well as a sweet and useful blouse. Now and then a woman just needs a good blouse for whatever reason. So that is now out. It is mod copy, so you can change the color by tinting it or the length of the sleeves, whatever you wish.

I'm working on some new projects as always, but I can't say too much more than that at the moment! I hope you all enjoy this week's offering. As always, you'll find it up on Xstreet. I've also issued a catalogue vendor for ordering new releases whenever and wherever you wish. Gift cards are also being set up for purchase in amounts ranging from $500 lindens to $50,000 lindens. Though I have to tell you, if someone bought the last one I would probably fall over in stunned amazement!

I wish you a lovely spring day wherever you are!

Cordially yours,