Friday, March 11, 2011

Fashion for Life


This week I need to discuss the FFL that is opening shortly.  It is a wonderful showcase for the clothing designers of Second Life, but this year I have decided that Curious Seamstress will not participate.  It is entirely for personal reasons, which I intend to keep that way.  :-) 

If you have an interest in fashion I would encourage you strip down to a cute pair of shorts and a t-shirt, your least primmy hair (I always use an older ETD ponytail that has an ARC of like, 10), take off your huds, and go walk barefoot through those sims.  There's some wonderful merchants, an FFL hunt that runs across all the sims, gatcha machines on every sim, and of course a dazzling array of designers.  All funds raised through FFL vendors, the FFL hunt, and the FFL gatcha machines goes to the American Cancer Society.  It is a worthy cause and a special time.

Curious Seamstress will be attending another Faire at the beginning of April.  I will post more after the FFL has finished, as I wouldn't want to steal any thunder!  The opening day for FFL is tomorrow, and I hope that you will take some time in the next week to take a look around!

I wish you a wonderful weekend.

Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen