Saturday, March 13, 2010

Five Majestic New Releases . . .

There's a lot happening at Seamstress this week. It has been a very LONG week of work! Fabric is flying, and we're putting out some of our very best for the RFL Clothing Fair. I won't do a huge long blog this week, just show you the five new gowns that are out and where you can get them. The song, Lara's Theme, is for one of the new gowns that I love. Really, truly love and can see all kinds of story attached to it. Some people see just cloth and beads, but I see a woman in a gown and a story. Perhaps that story is yours? Anyway, Lara's Theme is hauntingly fitting for the very last gown on this list, as I am saving the most beautiful gown for last.


This gown is available at the RFL Clothing fair shop. The Curious Seamstress is on the Paris sim! How exciting is that? Home of Worth! This gown is on special for the length of the fair with a price of $500 lindens. After the fair she will join her Majestic sisters.

Next up at the fair:

Aurora is a ballerina costume, but could as easily be used as a gown in a more modern venue. Her price is $500 lindens and she will be available at the Paris Seamstress store until the end of the RFL fair.

Shepherdess is a very special gown. She comes with a musical trunk that plays the theme to "Somewhere in Time". She is a beautiful lace and pink satin confection, with a sexy cut out neckline that makes a man eye that bodice! There are two bustles, and of course undergarments. This gown was originaly made last Spring, but was bought and auctioned off for RFL in New Babbage. The buyer contacted me and kindly gave permission to reissue the gown. So you can find this gown only in the RFL vendors of the Fair, for $895. All proceeds go to RFL for the duration of the fair. Ladies, if you love pink and lace, this is your chance to pick up a bargin, because after that fair IF the gown is issued it will not be at such a low cost again.

Now for the final two gowns for this week. These are amazing gowns, based on museum pieces, and quite stunning in person.

Le Reine, the Queen, and the first in the Majestic line of gowns. Made by House of Worth sometime in about 1898, rumored to be based on the Effiel Tower ironwork, very Avante Garde, and very beautiful.

Now for the best of them all. This gown is one I have waited and waited to make. I have traced it around the net for over a year, and found some amazing pictures tucked in odd corners. I hope that you to someday find a gown that calls to you as sweetly and strongly as this one has to me.

May I present, "Tzarina".

Made for a Russian Princess, now made for you in Second Life.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I hope to see you in Paris!

Cordially yours,