Monday, November 21, 2011

Three stunning new Victorian Gowns!

     First, about the music.  When I saw this movie originally I was struck at how they had changed this version of Dracula into a very poignant love story.  I have never really understood what the attraction is to vampires, but in this instance I understood.  I have recently found a lovely RP sim that I have enjoyed exploring.  Yes, vampires are part of it, and that was in part what inspired Drucilla the gown.  That kind of dark mysterious attraction.  I also find the song hauntingly beautiful.
     Now I'm going to brag a tiny bit.  I think I've hit it out of the park with these three stunning Victorian gowns.  Let's start with my favorite of the trio, Drucilla.  She's a scrumptious, slinky vixen of a dress and yes, I had dark desires in mind when I saw this gown and made her.  The cleavage dips a bit more than most of my gowns, but in a sexy, seductive way that should have the significant other in your life itch to play with it.  Drucilla is all about the swish and slink!

The original gown is by Pingat, by the way.  You will find details in the note card that accompanies the gown.

Golden Poppy isn't quite as dark in color or as deeply cut, but it is a beautiful, warm gown.  I particularly like the color of it, and the standing lace collar which adds a bit of pizazz.

The original gown was not made by a famous designer.  I only knew I loved the richness of the brocade, and so Golden Poppy joined the dance.

Next is Cherise, which is French for cherries, and this gown reminded me of that luscious fruit.  It is made of a wonderful velvet and is utterly beautiful as she completes the trio offered this week.

As always, each gown comes with a complete set of period undergarments.  The gloves are also included.  You can find them at the Curious Seamstress stores in Second Life, or later in the week on Marketplace.  I do hope you've enjoyed both the music and the gowns.

I wish you all in the States a Happy Thanksgiving.

Cordially yours,