Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three New Victorian Gowns and a Happy Birthday!


First, Happy Real Birthday, Ghilayne Andrew! My sister turns ::you hear a thud and a shriek of surprise as Kembri is hit from behind:: ...

Back to our original posting while I ice the lump on my head!

I'm quite pleased to introduce the three newest gowns from Curious Seamstress. They're really gorgeous and I have a hard time choosing which one I love best, though I'm leaning towards the black silk. May I present Monique . . .

This is as always a real gown. I have had it for quite some time in photos (not in real life, I wish!), but the embroidery on it was problematic. Now however, it isn't as my skills have gotten better. The gown is French, about 1885 or so, and meant for receptions, dinners, or even a ball, though probably not a formal ball.

Next up we have a day gown for about town visiting, Sarah Ann . . .

The fringe on the front skirts are blue and a bit of green. It comes with a blouse, undergarments and bonnet. The bonnet is left mod so you can play with it as you wish.

Last is the wedding treat, Miss Letitia.

This nummy 1885 gown was a dream dress for many Victorian women. Made of heavy candlelight satin, crystal bead work, and a touch of lace, it is a stunningly beautiful gown. The veil has several layers of veiling, giving it a very full look.

I also have a new free summer gown in the stores now. At Blisswood the main store, Port Babbage, and New Toulouse you will find "Summer Maiden".

Now, I'm off to finish a special, fun project. Let's just say it involves beefcake, sand, and surf! I wish you a wonderful Memorial day weekend!

Cordially yours,