Monday, March 23, 2009

Lust and Charity and RFL, Oh My!

Well greetings again!

The RFL Clothing Fair is done for this year. It was a tremendous effort by, and for, all involved. I had the great privilege of listening to some of the reasons other designers participate just this morning as we chatted about the events of the last week. I won't use names, as I think privacy is paramount, but I can tell you a couple of stories. There's the designer who, like myself, is watching her sister-in-law struggle with cancer. Only that designer has watched it for five years, much longer than I have. Another designer watches her father fight breast cancer, yes it does happen to men, though it is much rarer. Another designer has lost family members and friends. This horrid disease takes many forms. Some folks survive to live long, productive lives. Others don't. Designers talking this morning all had stories about how cancer has touched their lives in one way or another. I have to mention that my own mother had breast cancer, and is a survivor of over five years now. It can be beaten. Cancer isn't always the death sentence that it was 10 years ago. Research is the key to a cure, and funding that research is part of what RFL is all about. I do not know the totals for this year just yet. Fund raising efforts will continue until July 19th, 2009. This was just the opening volley for this year. If you wish to donate, there are kiosks in many stores, including my store of Blisswood.

Now on to other things! There were two new releases during the Fair besides "Mary's Grace". One was "Charity", which you all have already seen. The other one was Vice's "Lust". The first in a new line of men's clothing. I am not the first designer to do men's clothing. I have always thought they were a bit boring, truth be told. However, I decided to go for the historical men's clothing that is more colorful. So... without too much more verbage, let me present, "Lust".

As I said, the first in a line of men's clothing, it is based on the Vices. I know I'll do six more outfits, however I do not know if I will do more after that. A lot will depend on the reception of this batch!

The tails of the coat have a resizing script to make fitting easier. The flow and movement of the tails had to be adjusted as we don't want them flitting around like a ladies skirt! There is also another set of tails set onto the skirt layer for a smoother, no flap at all, fit. In the case of the men's clothing line, modify will be one of the permissions for most of the parts. The exception will be the tails as those have the sizing script.

It has been a very long, busy day for me so far. You will also see the "Charity" dress in SL's Vain, Inc. magazine in April! One of the editors saw it at the RFL Fair and asked to use it in her article.

In May the SL magazine 'Primgraph' will have an article written by myself about types of Victorian gowns. It will be a busy few months as things continue to happen for Greenwood Designs and myself. I hope you all will join me on the journey, and that you enjoy the clothing that will be coming out in the months to come!

Take care, and may your day be one filled with little moments of unexpected joy.

Cordially yours,