Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fantasy Faire!

Good morning!

Today is the first day of the Fantasy Faire.  Seamstress has a shop there with five new sets of dancing silks!  Here's a peek:

I haven't lost my mind, I swear!  These five sets of silks have been in my folders for a little while, but I had never really found a venue to release them in.  The Fantasy Faire seemed perfect to me.  They're fun bits of flirtiness meant for RP.  They have removal scripting in all the prim parts, and the movement of the skirts is just scrumptious!  There are two skirts, the longer overskirt style, and then the little more provocative skirt meant for a more sensual style of dance.  Because of the removal scripting, these skirts are mod.  In that way you can, if you're brave enough, modify the skirts for smaller or larger hips.

I'm not dropping my other favored time periods, just doing a bit of spring cleaning and having fun at the Fantasy Faire!  These silks will be available there for the duration of the faire, then will appear on Marketplace and inworld at the main store.  For more details about the faire and the amazing merchants there, please check out the link to the right.  I've also sent out an inworld message to my group giving them a head's up and an LM to the store. 

I wish you a wonderful Saturday!