Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blue Skies and Summertime in the 1920s!


We have four new releases this weekend, all geared towards summer in the 1920s. The recording here is from about 1926 and was what I had in mind for our first dress. This is a sky blue dancing dress, "Blue Skies"

As always, based on a real gown, this sweetly sexy dress comes with undergarments that were part of the actual gown! It has a slip with it that has another row of beadwork at the hem, and so that's part of this gown as well.

Next is a day dress, for church or luncheon with friends, this light weight cotten dress has colorful floral and vine beadwork on it. Perfect for the "Summertime"!

The hat comes with, and some lovely undergarments as well, though no stockings as what modern Millie wanted her legs stuffed into hose on a hot summer day?

After lunch, it's time for an afternoon at the beach! With that in mind we have swimsuits for the jakes and shebas who were ready to frolic in the surf and do a little flirting!

Just Ducky! is based on a real late 20s swimsuit. It's cute, and sexy in its own way!

The men's suit has a straw boater, and of course, he's ready to guard the lovelies on the beach!

I hope you enjoy this week's offerings, and that your Sunday is full of fun and sunshine, no matter what world you're in!

Cordially yours,