Wednesday, March 18, 2009

RFL Fair!


and oh good heavens! I'm really bad about blogging, but I'll try to get better I swear! Right now the Relay for a Life Clothing Fair is going on. I'm so excited and busy it's just amazing to me. Really! I've got some new items out, I'll put the ads here for you all to see. I've been expanding my lines of clothing into areas that interest me, and there are times when I just do not have enough hours in the day or night combined!

The ad above is for the gown, 'Mary's Grace'. If you do not know, my sister-in-law, Mary Ann, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer last fall. She is just finishing some very aggressive chemo, hopefully to be done by the end of April. To let you know just how aggressive the treatment is, most people only make it through one or two of the six. She's on number six. She has been my friend and family member for near 25 years. I admire her courage and strength more than I can say. I designed the gown with her in mind, though she really doesn't have any idea what Second Life is! All proceeds for this gown will go to RFL and the American Cancer Society. The gown is only available right now at the RFL Clothing Fair, at the GreenWood Designs Store on Sim #2, The Caspian Sea sim. If you buy nothing else from me, please buy this gown to support RFL and people like my sister-in-law.

This second gown is a gorgeous, gorgeous Flapper gown! It is the first in a new line of gowns I'll be doing. This gown has a real life twin, and it is the kind of gown I would love to own and wear myself. Just look at the back on it! This is such a sexy gown in person and the pictures really can't do it justice!

When I found out some designers were tackling the 7 Deadly Sins for one of a kind gowns for RFL, I started thinking, what could I do? I decided that the females should be Virtues, and sexy, and went to work on it. The males would be the Vices, after all when these first came to the public view several hundred years ago, both Virtures and Vices were depicted as male!

"Charity" is first out the gate, followed soon not only by more female gowns or dresses, but also by a new line of men's clothing! Ok, I say that and kind of shudder a little bit! Men's clothing, to my eye and mind, is rather drab and dull, so I have gone back in time to the 18th century for inspiration! The clothing, as always, is mostly based on real pieces. I adore the coat jackets and vests from that century and so expect to see some offerings from that era for our gentlemen friends!

All right, enough babbling for today! I have the Edwardian gown "Temperance" to finish up and put out there! There's also a Rococo style gown, "Kindness" that should see the light this evening! I hope you enjoy the Fair, and as always, I wish you all well!

Bright blessings!