Monday, May 17, 2010

Three new Victorian gowns and one special lady


This week I am back home, safe and snug, and presenting you with three new Victorian gowns! One of these gowns is named in honor of a wonderful customer, Lady Willow Jenipe. The real gown is a French silk visiting dress from 1885 or so.

The gown comes with authentic undergarments for the period. The corset is a lovely purple satin, and has been named 'purple prose'. Who knew a lady had that hiding under her gown? The gown is something I hoped will suit Lady Willow in her travels around SL.

Next up we have a chocolate silk day gown with gold fringe, Tessa.

A corset of printed black cotton, drawers with a sweet pink ribbon, and pink stockings accompany this gown.

Last is a really sleek and elegant summer reception gown, Juliette. This gown is made of silk, lace, and black velvet trim.

The gown has an amazing black and gold corset I call bumblebee, as well as black lace drawers and gold stockings.

As always the gowns can be found up on Xstreet, and there are resizing scripts in the skirts.

Now I have one other little announcement. We've started a Spruz site, which is somewhat like Ning. For now it's just a place where I can chat, write articles, and socilize with others who adore vintage and antique clothing in SL. I hope you'll come and join us on

That's it for today, I hope you are all having a wonderfully sunny spring time wherever you are. And once again, my thanks to Lady Willow Jenipe for her kind and continued support of Curious Seamstress.

Take care!

Cordially yours,