Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seraph City and a new clothing line


This week I am pleased to announce a new clothing line from The Curious Seamstress. This line of 1930s era clothing is inspired by the Seraph City sim in general and the Carrington in particular. Miss Breezy Carver approached me about the sim a while back, saying she had an idea for a store. She would provide the setting if I would like to set up shop. I was intrigued and enthusiastic. Breezy has been a good friend and supporter for a long while. She purchased a lot, commissioned a build, and began to build a dream. I was amazed at how quickly she pulled things together. Now for my part, I thought I needed to contribute something new and exciting in the area of clothing.

The idea of starting another clothing line was challenging, and I adore a good challenge! I did a lot of research into the time period, getting a feel for both every day clothing and the glamour clothing. The Depression affected the world economy, it wasn't just in the United States that suffered. Couture fashion Houses also fell during this time. Many of those once rich clients were no longer wealthy enough to afford couture clothing. Another thing that happened is movies became more popular, and Hollywood began to dictate fashion through film. In the every day world, a man might wear overalls until they had patches upon patches, and a farm wife might make dresses from printed feed sack material. Oh, the material was pretty, but it wasn't silk and satin! In the shiny world of Hollywood, it was all slinky, bias cut satin, glittering gems, and happier, wealthier times. And so we come to the new clothing from the Curious Seamstress. The first gown is one that was made especially for Seraph.

Silver lame, long ostrich feather panels, and some of the prettiest undergarments I've done, this is an exceptional outfit. Serph, singular for serphim, this is truly an Angelic gown.

Next is a day dress for those who need something a bit more modest and practical. I'd also say you could wear it in a 1920s sim, as the dress has lines of the late 20s or early 30s. I adored the color of it when I first saw it. It's made of linen and silk. With a sweet Peter Pan collar, may I present, Wendy.

Next up is a classic black and white evening gown with an Art Deco flare, Myrna. Named for Myrna Loy, this lovely gown is elegant and sleek. It is a perfect frame for nearly any jewelry choice.

Next we have another angel in the lineup, but this angel is a Profane one. The name is actually a nickname for Carol Lombard, a famous actress of the 1930s. She was truly a beauty, as is this gown. Made of pink satin with crisscrossing straps on the back, the gown is lovely and flowing. Perfect for dancing the night away in that special jazz club!

Lastly we can finish up our evening with a Hot Toddy! This glorious golden gown was named after Thelma Todd, another classic 1930s actress. A hot toddy is also a hot buttered drink, and so I felt this gown was perfect!

The lush color of the gown really is quite gorgeous in person.

And so my dear friends, this is the opening volley in my 1930s line. There will be others released next weekend as well. I really hope that you'll stop by the Seraph city build, in particular the Carrington, and visit the newest Curious Seamstress shop. I am very proud of it! It is upstairs on the right, over Tres Beau, across from Nymphetamine, and kitty corner from Blakopal Designs. Did I mention I'm keeping some very good company? It's true, Miss Breezy has gathered some amazing designers into the Carrington!

I hope to see you there sometime soon.

Cordially yours,