Monday, June 28, 2010

2 new releases from the 20s and 30s


This is an exciting release because it is number 59 and 60 for Seamstress this year. That's 60 new and unique outfits in the last six months, all stylishly done with great details. If you don't know how I feel about recoloring the same outfit in 12 colors by now, then I should reiterate, I don't do it. 98% of my gowns are based on original garments. I'm trying to do two things, digitally preserve an antique or vintage garment, and then bring them into SL so that they can be used and enjoyed by you, the resident. I can't always do a garment exactly as I found it, but I do try. So for all the wonderful ladies out there who have said, 'I'd buy that, if only it were in another color.', my apologies. It will never happen by my hand. Not to a garment I create. But I hear there's a lot of other dressmakers out there who do that! :-)

The video at the beginning of this post made me laugh, and very much reflects the high-spirited and Roaring 20s I've read about. Three cheers for Youtube, and I hope you enjoy the music and the video!

Now for this week's offerings. I have to gorgeous and fun gowns. The first is a 1930s black satin stunner, Missy.

Gorgeous isn't she? It's one of my Satin Doll gowns. Gosh, I think it'd make a great gown for a club singer! But that's just me. It does come with undergarments, including a lovely black lace strapless bra.

Next, my fun little 20s Flapper dance dress. This dress is a sister dress to Hot Honey Rag and Velma's Jazz. I hope you'll welcome Sheba Shimmie into the family!

I love this dress for both the bright color and the sheer shimmy of the skirts when I'm dancing. I tried it with a salsa, it looked awesome, and then with some other period dances I have. It looked good in any style.

And that's it for me this week! I'm gearing up for the 4th of July releases, and hope you're making plans for next weekend as well! Take care and enjoy these beautiful summer days! And a parting gift from me this week . . . another song! One of my favorites from childhood by Nat King Cole. I hope you enjoy it!

Cordially yours,

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Titanic Edwardian wedding gown and more . . .


This week we have three new outfits, one being a white satin ballgown that could also be a wedding gown. Another is a Victorian ballgown by Doucet, a famous Parisian designer. The third is a stunning copper satin suit from the 1930s.

Before going any further though, I would love for you to take a long close look at this video. As a lover of period clothing, I was thrilled to find this clip that shows waltzing in period gowns. The original Edwardian gown that Miss Theodosia was based on would have been right at home in this ballroom. As would the gown that Artemis is based on, which is also a ball gown. I found the waltzing interesting because the ladies hold the trains of their gowns up, and the gentlemen do not hold the ladies in what we could consider the correct waltz stance. They do not hold hands, but the dancing is graceful and just enthralling to see. I have no idea if this was really done this way or not, but it does make sense when one considers the trains on these gowns. Do enjoy this glimpse into another time.

The first gown is our Edwardian gown, Miss Theodosia.

This heavy satin gown is liberally embellished with pearls and lace on the bodice. Period undergarments come with the gown, which also has resizing scripts in the skirts.

Next up is a gorgeous olive green gown by Doucet. Artemis, named after the Goddess of the hunt.

The last outfit this week is a 1930s satin suit good for everything from a power lunch to an evening at the club. Marlene, named for the famed Marlene Dietrich.

The fedora is included and left modifiable.

I do hope you enjoy the video clip! It really is great fun to watch. The outfits here can be found up on Xstreet or in Second Life at any of the Curious Seamstress stores. Also, if you're curious at all about just how many outfits are out in the store, I've put albums up on flikr containing the ads for gowns that are available. You have over 100 different outfits to choose from, and more in the wings. Yes, my dear customers, I have been quite busy! There are also many older gowns at the main store that are still available. Those are not listed on the flikr site. To get there, just click the link to the right.

I wish you a wonderful week.

Cordially yours,

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Blue Skies and Summertime in the 1920s!


We have four new releases this weekend, all geared towards summer in the 1920s. The recording here is from about 1926 and was what I had in mind for our first dress. This is a sky blue dancing dress, "Blue Skies"

As always, based on a real gown, this sweetly sexy dress comes with undergarments that were part of the actual gown! It has a slip with it that has another row of beadwork at the hem, and so that's part of this gown as well.

Next is a day dress, for church or luncheon with friends, this light weight cotten dress has colorful floral and vine beadwork on it. Perfect for the "Summertime"!

The hat comes with, and some lovely undergarments as well, though no stockings as what modern Millie wanted her legs stuffed into hose on a hot summer day?

After lunch, it's time for an afternoon at the beach! With that in mind we have swimsuits for the jakes and shebas who were ready to frolic in the surf and do a little flirting!

Just Ducky! is based on a real late 20s swimsuit. It's cute, and sexy in its own way!

The men's suit has a straw boater, and of course, he's ready to guard the lovelies on the beach!

I hope you enjoy this week's offerings, and that your Sunday is full of fun and sunshine, no matter what world you're in!

Cordially yours,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Breezy! And a new gown...

First, happy real birthday to my dear friend, Miss Breezy Carver! She's one of those sweet people that everyone should have in their lives some place! She's kind, thoughtful, and always looking out for her friends. I hope that her day today is a special one.

Now for gowns! I have one this week so far, and a man's bathing suit. Let's do the men first this time!

This is a fun Victorian man's bathing costume, complete with straw boater. May I present, Victorian Beefcake! ((avatar beefcakce not included))

The other outfit this week is a woman's gown from the Belle Epoque era. It originally belonged to Mrs JP Morgan jr. The gown is stunning and comes with two skirts. One more formal ball length, and a shorter one for dancing. I hope you'll enjoy, Mrs. Morgan:

The gown is as always based on a real gown that is now in a museum collection and not on view to the public.

Both items are up on Xstreet.

That's it for today. Again, happy birthday Miss Breezy!

Cordially yours,