Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Victorian eras - There's more than one!


I've some new releases this week after a bit of a hiatus. There are two new gowns today, as well as a new line of accessories. Gowns first!

This lovely gown is based on a real one, and was great fun to make! I recently opened a store in the Western sim of Nebraska. I had such a wonderful time there. The time period is set in 1867. I didn't have any gowns specifically from that period, having mostly bustle gowns from the 1870s on. So I felt it was time to remedy that situation.

Among those who study and love the Victorian era, it is generally agreed there were three major parts to this time period. One must remember that Queen Victoria was only 18 when she came to her throne, and then she ruled for 67 years. That's three generations, give or take a few years. Most gowns from the 1860s are considered Early Victorian. They are still crinoline gowns, held out with either hoops or lots of petticoats depending on the year. To be realistic, most women probably didn't use much of a hoop in everyday life. That was more for the wealthy who weren't bogged down with the menial tasks involved in living. Or perhaps reserved for special occasions. Still they are lovely gowns and I've started a line of them and will add to the collection over the next year. Yes, year. I don't plan on going anywhere! Now for the other new gown in this batch.

This gown just makes me smile. It's fun and cheerful, and VERY Victorian!

I've also added a line of accessories. These are lace jabots and lace hair ribbons. Each package is $350 lindens. There are several colors, and the hair ribbons are copy, no transfer.

The hair ribbons have a period photo of a young woman wearing such a lace ribbon. You can see it dangling from the back of her chignon.

Lace jabots are a sweet, elegant addition to many outfits.

I've only shown the white one on the ad. There are over a dozen more in various colors.

That's my week so far. I know I'll soon have some other gowns out from different eras. At this point I've 3 1930s gowns waiting to dance out onto the stage, and 3 gorgeous 1920s dresses. Patience though, this is a very busy week for me and it may be another two or three days before everything is out in the vendors. Until then, I wish you a wonderful day.

cordially yours,