Thursday, June 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Breezy! And a new gown...

First, happy real birthday to my dear friend, Miss Breezy Carver! She's one of those sweet people that everyone should have in their lives some place! She's kind, thoughtful, and always looking out for her friends. I hope that her day today is a special one.

Now for gowns! I have one this week so far, and a man's bathing suit. Let's do the men first this time!

This is a fun Victorian man's bathing costume, complete with straw boater. May I present, Victorian Beefcake! ((avatar beefcakce not included))

The other outfit this week is a woman's gown from the Belle Epoque era. It originally belonged to Mrs JP Morgan jr. The gown is stunning and comes with two skirts. One more formal ball length, and a shorter one for dancing. I hope you'll enjoy, Mrs. Morgan:

The gown is as always based on a real gown that is now in a museum collection and not on view to the public.

Both items are up on Xstreet.

That's it for today. Again, happy birthday Miss Breezy!

Cordially yours,