Monday, March 29, 2010

And all that jazz . . .


Well here it is, late Monday night and I'm just getting to blogville. It was a busy weekend. I usually plan out what I wish to do a week or more in advance. I do that by looking over what I have out in the stores, looking at the season, and then considering what I need to round out the collections. As I was looking over my 1920's clothing line last week, I realized I did not have a single dress in black! So for my 13th (!) Roaring 20's gown, I made 'Bye Bye Blackbird' in black satin with a crescent moon at the hip. As often happens, a song struck me as fitting with the gown. That's why we have the Blackbird video at the beginning here. I don't think of it as a sad song so much as a reflective one. Something sultry and very fitting for this gown.

As always period undergarments come with. In this case it's a blush colored silk stepin. That's a one piece undergarment that you literally stepped into.

After this slinky little number, I went all hot and bothered with Chicago's opening dance number, 'All that jazz'. I love the movie, and of course the outfits. This one isn't the same as what's worn in the movie, but it's just as sexy and based on a real garment.

Can you imagine wearing the real thing and going out dancing? There's some serious sexy in that dress! And with 'Velma's Jazz' I can now present you 14 different 1920's dresses! It's not the end, there will be more, and in a few weeks I'll be introducing another line of dresses for a different time period.

Later this week, I'll have two new Victorian gowns out, as well as a 1950's gold satin ballgown. I'm trying a little different style with the Victorian gowns so I hope it's something the ladies will like. Until then, I'll leave you with a bit of fun and the video from the opening scenes of Chicago!

As always, these gowns will also be up on Xstreet in the next day or so.

Take care.

Cordially yours,