Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Releases


This week I released two new gowns, both from the 1930s.  One was a request, the other was just a must do for me.  First, Miss Bella . . . and she was named for the lady who requested her.

Miss Bella comes with period undergarments, gloves and headpiece.

Morning Star is one of the Satin Dolls series.  A lovely white gown with a touch of gold, it really is perfect for dancing the night away!

And last, a Halloween group gift was put out at the main store of Rosewood. 

It's been an incredibly busy October for me, though I haven't yet had a chance to put out all that I've done!  I've several crinoline gowns, face and head veils, and ballgowns that have not yet made it to the vendors.  So please check back often to see what's up next! 

Now let's see what November brings!


The Curious Seamstress