Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April 2015 releases!


I've had some grand fun this past couple of weeks, pulling together a small spring release of outfits.  These are all 1920s garments, some day and some evening wear, as well as a nightie.  I've also mastered the art of the mesh applier.  For those of you who don't know what I'm talking about, mesh bodies have become more popular over the last couple of years.  I finally invested (and it is an investment) in two of the bodies offered in Second Life.  Belleza and Maitreya.  These are not sold on Marketplace, and demos of the bodies are free at the respective stores.  If you're curious, I urge you to try them.  I have my own preferences.  I think the creators of mesh bodies are intensely clever and I'm happy to enjoy their products.  Perhaps the biggest changes are the hands and feet that are included.  Belleza has several hand positions available through their hud.  Maitreya works with Slink feet and hands, so there are options for anyone.

The Omega mesh appliers make it possible for me to offer Mesh Babes the option to wear my clothing, since a good deal of it is textured.  That is the top and pants part for either undergarments or outer wear are the traditional textures.  The applier is worn and told to apply the textures to the mesh body.  It's actually lots of fun and I've been converting several of my older gowns so that they also have appliers.  I don't want to get caught in that loop of constantly updating and renewing old clothing, but there are some favorites of mine that deserve it.  The Sea Pearls swim suits were some of the first ones I did, and I do suppose I should do the corsets and drawer sets as well!  So many ideas, so little time!  Special thanks to a customer, Michelle, who first asked for an applier and introduced me to the idea.

Now for this release.  All 1920s clothing, all great fun.  I particularly love the yellow day dress and am wearing it a lot in SL.  Two of the dresses are Callot Soeurs designs, Emerald Dreams and Ruby Schemes.  Beautiful dresses that I hope I did justice too. 

For this release most of the shoes actually came from Eclectica, as well as the awesome hat I'm using.  The hair is either Analog Dog or my own.  Jewelry is Eclectica's Flora jewelry or Maxi Gossamer's pearls.  I really hope that you find something you enjoy.

See you in Second Life!

Cordially yours,