Monday, March 7, 2016

Fashion for Life!


I've three new releases that were made especially for Fashion for Life, the Second Life fashion world's event that raises money for the American Cancer Society.  Curious Seamstress is also the proud sponsor of the Narnia Sim during the 14 day event.  Here are the three new releases!

All proceeds from sales of these items goes directly to FFL and the ACS.

You'll find these amazing items in special RFL (Relay For Life) FFL (Fashion For Life) vendors both on the Narnia sim, which is full of other amazing designer's shops, and in some of my regular stores.

I do hope you'll come and support FFL.  You can find more information here at the Fashion For Life website.  There are lists of events more information about the treasure hunt, One of a Kind auction, and concerts and fashion shows.  Please do join us!

Cordially yours,