Saturday, May 29, 2010

Three New Victorian Gowns and a Happy Birthday!


First, Happy Real Birthday, Ghilayne Andrew! My sister turns ::you hear a thud and a shriek of surprise as Kembri is hit from behind:: ...

Back to our original posting while I ice the lump on my head!

I'm quite pleased to introduce the three newest gowns from Curious Seamstress. They're really gorgeous and I have a hard time choosing which one I love best, though I'm leaning towards the black silk. May I present Monique . . .

This is as always a real gown. I have had it for quite some time in photos (not in real life, I wish!), but the embroidery on it was problematic. Now however, it isn't as my skills have gotten better. The gown is French, about 1885 or so, and meant for receptions, dinners, or even a ball, though probably not a formal ball.

Next up we have a day gown for about town visiting, Sarah Ann . . .

The fringe on the front skirts are blue and a bit of green. It comes with a blouse, undergarments and bonnet. The bonnet is left mod so you can play with it as you wish.

Last is the wedding treat, Miss Letitia.

This nummy 1885 gown was a dream dress for many Victorian women. Made of heavy candlelight satin, crystal bead work, and a touch of lace, it is a stunningly beautiful gown. The veil has several layers of veiling, giving it a very full look.

I also have a new free summer gown in the stores now. At Blisswood the main store, Port Babbage, and New Toulouse you will find "Summer Maiden".

Now, I'm off to finish a special, fun project. Let's just say it involves beefcake, sand, and surf! I wish you a wonderful Memorial day weekend!

Cordially yours,

Monday, May 24, 2010

How many gowns?


Usually I post on the latest releases, but today I'm going to post on something else! My sister Ghilayne mentioned last night that she was commenting on some flickr photos, then she asked if we had a flickr account. Well, golly yes, we do! I just haven't posted to it since this time last year! Yes, I can be that bad about keeping up on some things.

I've spent the morning uploading and organizing the ads for the Curious Seamstress dating back to the 'birth' of the store in fall of 2008 and my first Worth gown.

That was not my very first ever gown I'd made in Second Life, but it was the first one with original textures created by me. I've been in business in Second Life since 2007, so I paid my dues with lots of growing pains, believe me! I've said before and will say it again, I didn't think I'd be able to be really good at this gown making thing until I could use a texture making program. Now I can, and I think I've gotten pretty darn handy with it! It is as much art as it is technical skills. It also helps that I love what I do.

Now days I can do gowns I wasn't able too in 2008 or earlier. It is a matter of practice, practice, and more practice. I would not do that Worth gown the same way now, and who knows, perhaps for our store anniversary I'll do another version of it!

We also have a new garden area at Blisswood. Actually, you have to take the teleporter to the garden area. That teleporter is some place on the north side of the store. It's not hard to find, and the garden is meant to be a place to just relax and chat with friends. I do hope you'll come visit at some point!

The releases this week will be out tomorrow sometime, and then I'll post about those! If you'd like to see all 100, yes, 100 items that are on flickr, just follow the link here. I have more than 100 items, but hey, I confined myself to things that are mostly available on Xstreet or in the stores. That doesn't count things like freebies, hunt items, etc. Eventually I'll add a set of those too, letting you see what's been offered over the years.

OMG, did I say years? That's it, time for some iced coffee!

I hope you have a wonderful day!

Cordially yours,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Three new Victorian gowns and one special lady


This week I am back home, safe and snug, and presenting you with three new Victorian gowns! One of these gowns is named in honor of a wonderful customer, Lady Willow Jenipe. The real gown is a French silk visiting dress from 1885 or so.

The gown comes with authentic undergarments for the period. The corset is a lovely purple satin, and has been named 'purple prose'. Who knew a lady had that hiding under her gown? The gown is something I hoped will suit Lady Willow in her travels around SL.

Next up we have a chocolate silk day gown with gold fringe, Tessa.

A corset of printed black cotton, drawers with a sweet pink ribbon, and pink stockings accompany this gown.

Last is a really sleek and elegant summer reception gown, Juliette. This gown is made of silk, lace, and black velvet trim.

The gown has an amazing black and gold corset I call bumblebee, as well as black lace drawers and gold stockings.

As always the gowns can be found up on Xstreet, and there are resizing scripts in the skirts.

Now I have one other little announcement. We've started a Spruz site, which is somewhat like Ning. For now it's just a place where I can chat, write articles, and socilize with others who adore vintage and antique clothing in SL. I hope you'll come and join us on

That's it for today, I hope you are all having a wonderfully sunny spring time wherever you are. And once again, my thanks to Lady Willow Jenipe for her kind and continued support of Curious Seamstress.

Take care!

Cordially yours,

Monday, May 10, 2010

3 New releases and Greetings from Texas!

Greetings my friends!

This last week I traveled down to Texas to celebrate a life milestone for someone dear to me. They graduated college! I have enjoyed my travels and will return to the cooler nothern climes later this week. However, whilst I was down here, I did not forget Curious Seamstress and in fact released three new items on Friday. I hope you enjoy them! Take care and may the special milestones in YOUR life be joyful ones!

Cordially yours,

First up is a slinky, sexy bias cut soft gold gown. It's got a draped neckline and is amazing for dancing or singing those hot blues up on stage. May I present, "Baby"!

Undergarments do come with the gown.

Next up is a casual day dress, spiffy and neat, "Lulu" is a wonderful dress for day wear in late 1920s or early 1930s RP sims. It does come with a mod hat as well as gloves and undergarments.

Last is a smoking hot number for the 1950s Glamwear line, Miz Gabi.

This gown is one of those ones that make men stop and stare in real life, and I'm pretty sure it'll have the same effect in Second Life! It comes with undergarments, and is amazingly hot!

All of these are up on Xstreet as well as in the new releases vendors of most stores.

Again, I wish you well. Take care!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Seraph City and a new clothing line


This week I am pleased to announce a new clothing line from The Curious Seamstress. This line of 1930s era clothing is inspired by the Seraph City sim in general and the Carrington in particular. Miss Breezy Carver approached me about the sim a while back, saying she had an idea for a store. She would provide the setting if I would like to set up shop. I was intrigued and enthusiastic. Breezy has been a good friend and supporter for a long while. She purchased a lot, commissioned a build, and began to build a dream. I was amazed at how quickly she pulled things together. Now for my part, I thought I needed to contribute something new and exciting in the area of clothing.

The idea of starting another clothing line was challenging, and I adore a good challenge! I did a lot of research into the time period, getting a feel for both every day clothing and the glamour clothing. The Depression affected the world economy, it wasn't just in the United States that suffered. Couture fashion Houses also fell during this time. Many of those once rich clients were no longer wealthy enough to afford couture clothing. Another thing that happened is movies became more popular, and Hollywood began to dictate fashion through film. In the every day world, a man might wear overalls until they had patches upon patches, and a farm wife might make dresses from printed feed sack material. Oh, the material was pretty, but it wasn't silk and satin! In the shiny world of Hollywood, it was all slinky, bias cut satin, glittering gems, and happier, wealthier times. And so we come to the new clothing from the Curious Seamstress. The first gown is one that was made especially for Seraph.

Silver lame, long ostrich feather panels, and some of the prettiest undergarments I've done, this is an exceptional outfit. Serph, singular for serphim, this is truly an Angelic gown.

Next is a day dress for those who need something a bit more modest and practical. I'd also say you could wear it in a 1920s sim, as the dress has lines of the late 20s or early 30s. I adored the color of it when I first saw it. It's made of linen and silk. With a sweet Peter Pan collar, may I present, Wendy.

Next up is a classic black and white evening gown with an Art Deco flare, Myrna. Named for Myrna Loy, this lovely gown is elegant and sleek. It is a perfect frame for nearly any jewelry choice.

Next we have another angel in the lineup, but this angel is a Profane one. The name is actually a nickname for Carol Lombard, a famous actress of the 1930s. She was truly a beauty, as is this gown. Made of pink satin with crisscrossing straps on the back, the gown is lovely and flowing. Perfect for dancing the night away in that special jazz club!

Lastly we can finish up our evening with a Hot Toddy! This glorious golden gown was named after Thelma Todd, another classic 1930s actress. A hot toddy is also a hot buttered drink, and so I felt this gown was perfect!

The lush color of the gown really is quite gorgeous in person.

And so my dear friends, this is the opening volley in my 1930s line. There will be others released next weekend as well. I really hope that you'll stop by the Seraph city build, in particular the Carrington, and visit the newest Curious Seamstress shop. I am very proud of it! It is upstairs on the right, over Tres Beau, across from Nymphetamine, and kitty corner from Blakopal Designs. Did I mention I'm keeping some very good company? It's true, Miss Breezy has gathered some amazing designers into the Carrington!

I hope to see you there sometime soon.

Cordially yours,