Saturday, March 31, 2012

Slowly she turned . . .

and then she blinked!  Where did March go?  Easter is almost here!

Hi folks!  Well the real life move is done, traumatic though it was!  I'm slowly unpacking and finding a new schedule and work habits.  I just do not have the time I once did because many things are changing in my real world, and a lack of time seems to be right on top of it all!  However, I am working on a couple of new releases.  I hope to have them out soon, I swear! 

In the meantime I hope you're all enjoying some incredible spring weather!  Where I live, it's been a streak of unexpected 70s and a spring that is quite early.  About two months early.  So while I enjoy bright spring flowers and the greening of the world around me, I hope you're enjoying your spring too!

For a little Easter Bonnet treat, I'd like to introduce you to Doris Eaton Travis.  She was one of the original Ziegfeld Folly girls.  This incredible lady makes me smile every time I watch one of the Youtube pieces she's in.  I hope you'll enjoy this little bit of a video and perhaps find some others of hers to watch.

I'll see you soon!

cordially yours,