Monday, March 8, 2010

Little Egypt comes to Second Life . . .

Greetings Dear Readers!

First, I hope you'll listen to this music from Youtube. I have it on my private Ipod and listened to it a LOT when I was making up these silks. If it doesn't get your heart beating faster, your eyes a narrowed down a little more seductively, and your hips flicking in quick rhythm, then you're not hearing the same song I am!
Ice Queen is a gorgeous acoustical song and very fitting for these new silks.

So let's talk about silks. There are slave silks in the world of Second Life. Fewer of the just straight belly dancing silks are available, but they do exist. I own some from Sparkle Skye. They're gorgeous and realistic. Even belly dancing outfits have history and reasoning behind them, and they're not just strips of silks dangling off the tips of body parts!

I was less than a couple days old in 2007 when I found my first silk sets in Vienna. I was thrilled, they were amazing to my newbie eyes, and I still have those original sets in homage to the first silk makers. I picked up many sets over the years, and loved many of them. I didn't RP anyplace where I could actually wear them, but I had fun with them. Beautiful Sin, Solange, and Annalise were three of my favorites, and as I mentioned, Sparkle Skye has gorgeous sets as well. Anyone who has bought silks knows who I'm talking about. There are also a ton of other silkmakers out there. Some great, some so so, all of them inspired by the beauty of silk fabric draped around a woman's (or man's) body.

When I started working on Victorian and Edwardian clothing almost exclusively, I kind of put the silks away, then found out more about Little Egypt. As mentioned on Miss Breezy's blog, these silks are somewhat inspired by Little Egypt, but not all by her. Mostly, I'm having fun with sexy drapes that hint at the skin underneath, but don't always show it. If you were to wear nothing but the smallest skirt and the prim top, you would still be totally covered, at least the important bits! It took a lot of dancing around and playing with these items to make sure that was so. I was also hesitant to release them. After all, making silks is not my primary obsession in SL. However, we will again tap Miss Breezy and say that she very kindly explained to me that I should stop hoarding things in folders! Yes, they've been in my folders for a long time. Now however, I hope you will enjoy them and put them to good use.

Now let's take a look at the dancing silks.

Mother Isis, who was actually the Daughter of Nuit! Isis is Goddess of Magic and Mystery... and called Star of the Sea. Part of the reason I chose blue for her silks.

Nuit, Goddes of the night skies, wife to Geb, Mother of Isis and four other gods.

There are several pieces to these sets. If you buy a set and have a problem fitting it, drop me a notecard! The salwar and top come in different styles. In the Mother Isis set I have a short sleeved and long sleeved top, one is sheer and the other isn't. There are the pant like salwar, sheer and opaque, but no 'panties'. Really, these can be as modest or provocative as the wearer decides! In the Sister Nuit set both tops are long sleeved, but one is sheer.

One last little fun thing, I have a new freebie out at the stores. Clockwork Beauty is a ballerina costume, but also makes just a very pretty little gown. What you do with it is always up to you! I'd show a picture but the dratted computer has other ideas, so do stop by a store and pick up your copy!

Now, I'm off to work. We're in the Paris sim for RFL (it's STUNNING!) and I have a TON of work to do! Curious Seamstress will be presenting Worth and House of Worth court presentation gowns, and some other amazing surprises at our store during RFL. I do hope you'll stop by and take a peek!

For anyone wanting to find the new dance silks, they're in the New Release vendors at all the stores and will soon be up on SLex with the other Curious Seamstress goods.

Take care!

Cordially yours,