Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New July Releases!

Greetings all!

So first some news. I had intended to take a long leave of absence starting on July 11th, but the world did not see it in the same light, and so I will be postponing my trip for 2 weeks or so. That works just as well for me because it gives me time to do more gowns!

Next, my sister, Ghilayne Andrew, is now acting CEO for GreenWood Designs and The Curious Seamstress branches. This means she's taking care of the business side of things while I concentrate on trims and fabrics. If anyone wishes to offer stalls, market spaces, stores, shops, fashion shows, or anything else in that vein, please contact Ghilayne Andrew in Second Life. Drop a card to her if you please, as there's a lot going on in her life and an IM would get lost!

Now, my offerings for July are four in number so far, though I do have four more in the wings. There are two Edwardian gowns and two Victorian. Let's start with the Victorian gowns.

This gown is Redfern in Rust, based on a John Redfern gown. He was quite popular with wealthy Victorian women from about 1890 to 1920. It's a lovely gown and quite stylish.

This gown is all about being stylish by the seashore for a summer holiday!

Next our Edwardian gems. The first is a sassy little black and white number called "Peep's Pride":

Last is the gem of the bunch in my opinion. It is such a beautiful gown that I enjoy wearing it often. There are find points you cannot see in the ad, like some lovely prim roses and other details.

The Curious Seamstress now has a third branch in the New Toulouse sim. It is a fantastic New Orleans flavored sim, complete with the occasional zombie or crocodile! I hope you'll drop by at some point and visit. I've got the LM in my picks.

Now, I've some free time and I have another sweet summer gown to finish! Take care, and I hope the summer days where you are, are idyllic in every way!

Cordially yours,