Monday, June 28, 2010

2 new releases from the 20s and 30s


This is an exciting release because it is number 59 and 60 for Seamstress this year. That's 60 new and unique outfits in the last six months, all stylishly done with great details. If you don't know how I feel about recoloring the same outfit in 12 colors by now, then I should reiterate, I don't do it. 98% of my gowns are based on original garments. I'm trying to do two things, digitally preserve an antique or vintage garment, and then bring them into SL so that they can be used and enjoyed by you, the resident. I can't always do a garment exactly as I found it, but I do try. So for all the wonderful ladies out there who have said, 'I'd buy that, if only it were in another color.', my apologies. It will never happen by my hand. Not to a garment I create. But I hear there's a lot of other dressmakers out there who do that! :-)

The video at the beginning of this post made me laugh, and very much reflects the high-spirited and Roaring 20s I've read about. Three cheers for Youtube, and I hope you enjoy the music and the video!

Now for this week's offerings. I have to gorgeous and fun gowns. The first is a 1930s black satin stunner, Missy.

Gorgeous isn't she? It's one of my Satin Doll gowns. Gosh, I think it'd make a great gown for a club singer! But that's just me. It does come with undergarments, including a lovely black lace strapless bra.

Next, my fun little 20s Flapper dance dress. This dress is a sister dress to Hot Honey Rag and Velma's Jazz. I hope you'll welcome Sheba Shimmie into the family!

I love this dress for both the bright color and the sheer shimmy of the skirts when I'm dancing. I tried it with a salsa, it looked awesome, and then with some other period dances I have. It looked good in any style.

And that's it for me this week! I'm gearing up for the 4th of July releases, and hope you're making plans for next weekend as well! Take care and enjoy these beautiful summer days! And a parting gift from me this week . . . another song! One of my favorites from childhood by Nat King Cole. I hope you enjoy it!

Cordially yours,