Friday, March 4, 2011


Greetings!  This is a musical interlude simply because I found the MOST amazing rendition of a favorite song and had to share it with you!  I dunno, maybe it's just me that tears up at this video, but I find it a remarkable accomplishment.  While you're listening to the video the second time ('cause you really should watch it the first time!), let me tell you about some new things at Curious Seamstress this week.

I've some freebies out for various hunts this week at three different stores.  The Carrington at Seraph City and Curious Seamstress at Port Babbage are both part of Steamhunt 4.  In those stores you're looking for little copper gears, and I haven't been really mean about hiding them!  In New Toulouse, there are two hunts going on, and two separate sets of prizes.  Look for gold masks.

In other news, I'll be introducing a line of reduced priced clothing.  I look at clothing in terms of seasons, and I don't mean seasonal as in Fall or Winter (though I see those too!) but in terms of years.  My aim has always been to eventually reduce the prices on the clothing from the first Seamstress season of 2008-09 to begin with, then eventually the next season of clothing will be moved over, etc.  My skill as a seamstress has become refined over time, and while there is nothing at all wrong with these gowns, they are not what I would now consider the best of my art.  I continue to work on my techniques as I make and issue new gowns.  So for the best of Seamstress, look to the new releases!  For golden oldies that may be more affordable for newer players, look towards these older lines of clothing offered at reduced prices. 

Over the next day or so a new vendor will appear in the stores for reduced priced clothing ensembles.  There will be about a dozen to start with.  This isn't something that will be added too all the time, rather this is something that will be added to occasionally.  If you're hoping to see the newer gowns in these vendors, you'll be waiting a long while!

Last, I am preparing for Fashion For Life, which is ten days of fashion for the American Cancer Society.  In the past it has been called RFL.  The Fair opens on March 12th, and Curious Seamstress will be there with a shop.  The theme is Beyond Black and White, and promises to be a fun event as always.

And that's it for this morning!  I hope your day is a good one, and that we'll see you soon at one of the stores!

Cordially yours,