Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweetness of the heart


Valentine's day is here!  Today I offer you 'Sweetness', a wonderful pink and silver candy of a 1920s gown.  I found the gown a few months ago and dearly loved the soft pink color of it. 

The headpiece and shoes come with the dress, as do some pretty undergarments.  There are two pairs of stockings, but those aren't shown in the ad.  In all this is one of those sweet outfits that can be sexy at the same time.  I hope you'll enjoy some 'Sweetness' in your wardrobe today!

The song is one I heard recently, and I had it on repeat as I worked on Valentine's outfits.  This song is so romantic, so softly beautiful, and so very expressive of what a relationship should be, that I thought I'd share.  I wish you a wonderful Valentine's day.

Cordially yours,