Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer time, and the living is easy . . .


This week's blog is not about fashion, but about summer time in both worlds. This last week I've taken some time off to enjoy the lazy heat of summer. I recently wrote an email to friends, describing one of my mornings. I'm posting an excerpt for you. This is what I see in my real world, and sometimes it's fun to share with others. Fuzzybutt aka Charlie, is my 65 pound black Chow chow. Now, having said that, this is what I wrote last Thursday:

I slept late, and would have slept longer but I knew fuzzybutt needed to walk. We went out at 1ish, walking under the July sun that tapped down on us. I say tapped because it's still cool enough not to beat on you if you don't stay out too long. We walked along the corn road, me squinting and wishing for hat and shades, Charlie running ahead, pausing to sniff deeply and mark as needed. I looked at the corn plants and marveled, some of them are nearly 6 feet tall now. All the rain is soaked way down, and now the sun is doing its business. You can nearly hear the corn stretching up, reaching for that warm sunshine as the leaves grow darker and darker. They are the deep emerald green of summer now, and there is a steaminess that hovers over the fields as the sun bakes away the last of yesterday's rain. It has the smell of sun heated earth, rich and dark with the promise of growth. Clouds of wispy cotton drift through the perfect, glassy blue sky, and the wind ruffles the fields, dancing over the tops of the cornstalks. I think of the song line 'amber waves of grain' and change it in my mind, to emerald ripples of corn. There is a sound in a cornfield, it is the rustling of leaves against each other, a kind of whisper, as if each stalk is leaning to its neighbor to whisper about some delicious piece of gossip from across the field. Later in the year, in the fall when all the green has dried to faded gold, that rustle will take on more of a raspy rattle as winter steals in. But for now, it is summer, and the cornfield gossip tells me it is a good year, a happy, sunshine and rain fat year, and the corn will be sweet. Especially when it is gently boiled in water with a touch of sugar, then drowned in butter with a few dashes of salt.

That is the perfect sweet corn of summer.

And so it is. I live in the middle of several cornfields in Minnesota, but not too far from a major metro area. It's gorgeous up here this time of year. It's not a time to be missed! I'm dabbling with another release for next week, but last week was a slow down and enjoy the summer week. I hope that you too are enjoying this summer, that some place you'll be kicked back and enjoying some lemonade, sunshine, and good company. Whether it is in SL or RL, be well, and see you again soon.

Take care now!