Monday, January 24, 2011

Morning Promenade or Evening Glitz?

This week we have two new releases; Fern an 1898 Victorian gown, and Glitz, a smokin' hot 20s evening dress! 

The video up above is a recording of a very popular Victorian dance hall song.  My sister, Ghilayne, found it and I loved this 1940s movie version of it because of the costumes.  The song is 'Morning Promenade'.  One of the amazing things is to find footage of gowns and how women moved in them.  This is a lovely bit showing how this particular woman sang and danced in her Edwardian gown. 

Now for my gowns this week!  Fern is an amazing Victorian gown as much for the spectacular color as for the amazing embroidary on the front of the gown.  It's soft and feminine and stunning in person.  You could use this gown for any situation and be well dressed.  I really cannot set a time of day for it, as I think it would be as suitable for morning visits as it would be for evening entertainments.

A really lovely gown that should be in every lady's wardrobe.

Next up, a change of pace with 'Glitz' 
For there we start wth music from a hot Weimar Republic in Germany . . .

Glitz is a smoking hot 1928 evening dress.  It's amazingly sexy and one of those dresses that is stunning on any woman.  The accessories can be any color, as gold is the perfect foil for it! 

For this dress I've done a couple of things.  There are undergarments, but I recommend you not wear the bra with the dress because it shows.  I have also used a system skirt for the dress, but you don't see it in the ad pictures.  This is one where you can wear the dress either way, and without the system skirt is a lot sleeker and sexier.  I think you'll enjoy it, as will anyone you dance with!

Those are the offerings for today.  I hope you find something you enjoy!

Cordially yours,