Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nautical gowns and Steam the Hunt!


Well, here in the States, Labor Day has come and gone, and summer is winding down.  But this last weekend I released some nautical outfits.  One of the wonderful things about Second Life is your summer does not have to end by the calender, and if you wish it go continue all year long, you can do that!  So in that spirit, let me introduce my newest ensembles!

Seastar was issued last week but I had a duh moment and forgot to put her in the vendors.  So she's here this week!

Skipper is one of those fun 20s outfits good for shore or sailing!

Marina is another fun 20s outfit, though in a different color scheme.
All the above outfits can also be found on Second Life Marketplace.

Finally, my gift for the Steamhunt is at Seraph City Seamstress in the Carrington.  You can find the shop in my picks in my profile.

I do hope you'll stop by and grab a copy.  I also wish you a wonderful first week of September!

Cordially yours,