Friday, October 12, 2012

Life and love

Greetings friends,

I have been out of commission for a while.  After an injury to my right shoulder in June, I spent months waiting to heal, only to be told that it would require surgery.  On August 28th I was wheeled into a surgical suite and a very skilled and kind doctor worked on my shoulder for nearly two hours.  I am slow to heal, though impatient I admit.  The doctor told me it will take much longer than I like for this to heal, several months in fact.  In the meantime, I am severely limited on time I can spend on the computer.  So my dear friends, that's what's up with Kembri Tomsen, and why her store has been quiet for the last few months.

I peeked back into this world today, only to find out about the sad news of Madison Seabreeze's passing.  If you know Miss Breezy Carver, then you may know of her beloved Madison.  I never met this little Princess personally, though I heard of her adventures and laughed and her barks when she was talking to her Mommy, and considered her a cousin to my own beloved Chow, Charlie.  I read Breezy's blog about Maddie's last journey and cried.  I like to believe that every human being has connected at some point to a beloved animal companion.  Maddie was truly Breezy's soul puppy.  She and I discussed some of Maddie's issues, and I felt helpless in the face of my dear friend's grief.  Like anyone we care about, there are times when nothing we say or do can really ease the saddness they are experiencing.  All I could do was offer her my love and a clean hanky.

But later I will remind her that Maddie isn't really gone.  That she's simply stepped over that shining rainbow bridge and is waiting on the other side for her Mommy.  She will be there, laughing smile and prancy pawed, jumping with joy, when Breezy finally joins her.  I never for one moment think we will not be with those we love in the next world.  And while I am so very sad for Breezy's grief right now, I hope that eventually she will come to a place where she can know in her own heart that Maddie still loves her, is still with her, and always will be.

Brightest Blessings, Madison Seabreeze, Child of Breezy, Star of the Morning, you will be missed by many.  I wish you safe journeys, and also, try not to keep your Mommy up too long at night playing in her dreams!