Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring's Offerings - Goddesses in the World


The first day of Spring is today, and I have three lovely new offerings for you all. The first is named for Demeter, a Greek goddess and mother of Persephone. This gown is from House of Worth and dates to about 1903.

The headpiece and undergarments come with the gown. The pattern is quite beautiful, and the original gown is made of velvet.

The next gown we have is Demeter's daughter, the goddess Persephone.

Made of heavy blue satin, the gown is based on an original 1903 or so Liberty of London gown. Much like the earlier gown, Harmonia, this gown has cut outs on the sleeves, a small train, and flowing skirts. It would do well for any evening event where a lady might wish to look like a Goddess!

Last for the week is a 1920's era gown. This is a day dress, meant for whatever day time activities you wish to do that don't involve flapping! The gossamer dagged sleeves and ethereal skirt are really very pretty.

A small hat comes with this outfit, as well as two sets of undergarments. I couldn't make up my mind, so you get them both!

All gowns can be found at my Blisswood store. If you're not sure where that is, just come inworld and check my picks, or look up on Xstreet, as all the gowns are also there.

I hope your first day of Spring is beautiful, wherever you may be!

Cordially yours,
The Curious Seamtress