Friday, December 9, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

Greetings! I have several new releases, from the 1920s to Victorian beauties! So let's get right to it, because baby, it's cold outside and I need to slip into something hot!

Stunning blue sequins on a silvery silk. 

How can anyone not love this hot raspberry number?

And for a cool look, shimmering white!

Now for the Victorian beauties . . . Rowena, a stunning coppery silk with black beadwork.  I swear the train on this gown looks as if it's on fire!

And finally, Vivian.  A dark blue black silk gown with beadwork.  The parasol is pure whimsy on my part, I hope you enjoy it!

Those are the offerings for this week!  They will be up on Second Life Marketplace in a day or two.
I hope you find something special to warm your holidays!

Cordially yours,

Sweet Dreams!

Greetings! This week I am going to start off with a lovely Victorian nightgown, Sweet Dreams.

A cup of hot cocoa is included with the gown! It is available now in the New Releases vendor at most Curious Seamstress stores. More to come, and there are a couple of other new gowns out in the vendor, but you'll have to take a look to see what they are at this point!

Cordially yours,