Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Updates and fun stuff

Greetings again!

Yes, I have new releases! Of course! This time there's two that are very pretty. The first is a Victorian Day gown named 'Daisy'. It's all lawn and lace, with a standing collar which I adore. I'm not sure why such things look so elegant to me, but they do. When I saw this gown I decided that was a main factor in making it.

See? It really is very pretty, and the back has a secret quality, you can just see the corset under the lacy openings! Yes, yes that WAS done on purpose. Though you do have to look closely to see it.

The next gown is a 1920 evening gown in orange velvet and gold lame lace. It is simply a stunning gown and took me a while to finish. After I got the initial gown done, I realized I needed a head piece. Well, that put me off for a week while I thought about what I wanted and how I'd do it. Next came the hand fan, and the realization that I didn't want just any old fan. Though between the two, the head piece was a lot harder! It has a resizing script because it's tough to tell what hair an avatar will be wearing.

I know the color might be a bit startling, but I swear it really is gorgeous and fantastic in person.

So, how do I pick a project? I spend hours going through pictures and websites, I've been all over the world online looking at clothing. I've several files, and probably about 500 seperate files worth of gowns. I seperate by season and then by other criteria, then I work on them in stages. Some I have in the 'yes I want to do that some day' stage. Some are in the cleaning stage where I'm readying the texture for use. Some are uploaded to SL already and awaiting prim work. That can be as time consuming as the texture work out of SL. After all that is done and I'm satisfied with the final gown and its accessories, then comes the photo shoot. I do my own, and I do not ever use outside models. I tried that once, I wanted to kill them off. So I figured in order to save the life of other hapless and waaay too skinny avatars, I would do it myself. After the photos poses are taken, those are saved to my hard drive and I go back to GIMP and do the ads. After that, it's back into SL to uplaod the ads, package the gown and ad, then write a note to go with said gown, then deposit all that into a server to be uploaded to the vendors. But wait! I'm not done yet! After that I have to enter it into the website, boxed gown and ad, then set it into the appropriate vendors. Then, I send you all notecards in the group, send out more notecards to other fashion groups, then, then...... I start working on the next set of gowns. :-) I try to put out two gowns at a time.

And that, my dear flock, is the week in the life of this SL clothing designer.

Someone once asked me if I really put in 40 hours on a gown. Well, from concept to the time you get to slip into it, yup! Some take even longer, depending on the details. Now, I've been working through the night on a new Edwardian evening gown which I absolutely adore, and I'm sure you will too, in about a week. But until then I think it's time to go get some rest and dream about new projects.

Take care!