Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Flowers of Worth and Callot Soeurs


This week there are three new releases and for some reason they all ended up with flower names, though it really wasn't on purpose. I think I may have a touch of spring fever! Two of the gowns are inspired by the House of Worth, and one is inspired by the House of Callot Soeurs.

By now you should know that the House of Worth was established by Charles F. Worth in the 1870's. The House of Callot Soeurs was established by four sisters in Paris and was considered a contemporary of the House of Worth. The Callot Soeurs were very popular for their lingerie first, then later they expanded into evening gowns of heavy satin, Chinese silks, rubberized gabardine, and exquisite workmanship. In the 1920's they made evening gowns that were revolutionary in materials and design. The House survived into 1948, but finally closed down then. Most surviving examples of their work resides in museums and considered works of art.

For this week, we first look at the Worth inspired gowns. Both are from House of Worth, run by Jean-Phillipe Worth after his father passed away. The first gown, Lillie Desired, is what I consider a cusp gown, as it is beginning to show signs of the Edwardian Age. The gown has a black on black cut velvet pattern and comes with undergarments. It is named in honor of Lillie Langtry. There is more about her in the note card that accompanies the gown. It is a fantastic gown that flows beautifully even in the worst of lags.

The next Worth inspired gown is 'Cupid's Rose'. Now this gown is Edwardian, and gorgeous. The color is simply stunning in person, and the skirt flows and ripples beautifully. It is the epitome of elegance, and I expect that it would delight any woman to own it. Especially if they love this particular color. The under bust corset comes in two versions, with and without camisole. This is one of my favorite gowns. I think as much for the color as the lines, and perfect for Valentine's Day!

The last gown is also Edwardian. This gown struck me as something I would love to wear the first time I saw it. I think the combination of gossamer fuchsia material and black satin was what caught my attention. The resulting evening gown is truly graceful and refined, perfect for dancing the night away in!

That is the offering for this week. I hope you enjoy these ensembles.

Cordially yours,