Thursday, April 21, 2011

Lady Hope and the play suits


 this morning I'm giving a sneek peak for a new gown that will be coming out this weekend. Lady Hope is a Charles Worth conversion gown from the mid 1890s. It has both a day and evening bodice, and comes with parasol, hat, gloves, and undergarments.  About the only thing you need to provide is the hair, shoes, and jewelry.

Charles Worth gown, "Lady Hope", available at Curious Seamstress stores on Friday, April 22nd.

1950s Play suit, "Lottie".  One of the Sea Pearls line now available at Curious Seamstress. 

1950s Madras play suit, "Mandy'.  Hat and shoes included

 The play suits are both part of the Sea Pearls line of period swim and play suits.  You'll find everything from Victorian to the 1950s.  The line has been expanding for the last two years, and there are several available either on the Second Life Marketplace or inworld at the Curious Seamstress main store.  The newer suits aren't yet on Marketplace, and I should mention that others are in the wings awaiting their turn on the boardwalk!

A word about the sunglasses included with the suits, I always use period glasses.  Since sunglasses weren't available to the public before 1929, none of the older suits come with such things.  However, the newer suits usually come with period sunglasses and hats.  It's just one of the fun accessory things I enjoy doing!

I've also released a dozen pair of 1930s peep toe shoes in spring colors.  In the interest of keeping this entry a managable length, I won't be showing all those up here!  However, you can find them at either Seraph City Seamstress, or at the main store of Rosewood. 

I wish you a wonderful Thursday!

Cordially yours,