Thursday, April 22, 2010

An 1890s Wedding gown & two 1920s releases!


This week I've three new offerings. The first is a gorgeous 1890s wedding gown & then two 1920s dresses. Wedding gown first! This is 'Miss Dovie', a satin wedding gown from about 1895. If you're getting married in any Victorian period type of ceremony, this is the gown for you!

The outfit comes with the veil, gloves, undergarments, and of course the gown. The bouque is from a wedding store, the LM is in the notecard. This really is a wonderful gown and I'm very pleased with how the satin and ruching came out.

Next is Cookie, a 1927 Day suit by House of Worth. It's amazing, and great fun to wear.

The hat, shoes, and fur are mod so you can fidget with them. Yes, the shoes ARE included with this outfit. It's a fun ensemble and quite special in person. Photos never quite show how any Curious Seamstress garment looks in person, but we try!

Last, Hot Honey Rag. This is the sister dress to Velma's Jazz and also inspired by Chicago. It's a fun dress that comes with its own sequined fedora.

The shoes come with this outfit. Yes, that's kind of new to us, but I was tired of not finding the exact matching shoe for an outfit, and broke down and made some simple 20s shoes. I hope you enjoy them!

That's it for the moment. I'm busy working on some new gowns for the 1930s line that will debute this weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Cordially yours,