Friday, October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!


And a Happy Halloween, Samhain, or Fall festival, whichever you personally celebrate and enjoy. 

I do love this time of year!  I always think of it as the beginning of the festivities that last through January, with Halloween being a gateway holiday to the rest of the fall and winter fun. 

In the real world, I've been busy sewing real world costumes, but not for Trick or Treat.  I'm currently working on an 1870s reproduction bustle gown.  It's a huge task I've set for myself, because I'm making the undergarments as well.  I do belong to both the state costumer's guild (not mentioning the state at the moment), and a couple of online costumer's groups.  I love creating in any world though, and since it's always MUCH quicker to create in Second Life, I've done a few things there as well.  For this Halloween season I've three new offerings.  These are based on Edwardian Halloween cards, and are something I've wanted to do for ages.  They're also good for fancy dress balls in Second Life.

The dresses can be found inworld at my stores, or on the Marketplace.  I'm also offering mesh gloves with changing hand poses.  

I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend!

Cordially yours,
Kembri Tomsen
The Curious Seamstress!